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Recenzja Jolly New Songs – Freq

„For most people of certain age, the name of Gdańsk, Poland’s principle seaport on the Baltic, will forever bring to mind scratchy newsreel footage of world-historical importance: vast grey shipyards, cold hairy-looking men smoking furiously and wearing donkey jackets and, perhaps most vividly of all, legendary moustache-wearer Lech Wałęsa signing the Gdańsk Agreement of 1980 – which lead to the creation of the Solidarity trade union and to huge subsequent political changes both in Poland and more widely behind the Iron Curtain as a whole – with a giant comedy ballpoint pen. Dalej Recenzja Jolly New Songs – Freq

Recenzja Jolly New Songs – Ransom Note

„Trupa Trupa have just released their a new LP! Jolly New Songs is the Polish art rock band’s fourth album overall, and their second for Blue Tapes following 2015’s Headache. It’s full of surreal constructions that worm their way inside your head with catchy melodies and then refuse to leave when their strangeness becomes all too apparent.”

Recenzja Jolly New Songs – The New Noise

„Ci siamo occupati di questa band polacca già in occasione dell’uscita di Headache. Ora è la volta di Jolly New Songs, album un pelo diverso rispetto al precedente, che mostra un tono più deciso negli arrangiamenti e che i ragazzi stanno spingendo con grande convinzione in giro per l’Europa, infatti le etichette che lo pubblicano sono diverse tra loro e di diverse nazioni. Dalej Recenzja Jolly New Songs – The New Noise

Recenzja Jolly New Songs – Etat-critique

„“D’apparence cela ressemble à un truc un peu dépressif mais finalement ils ressemblent à des cousins lointains de Deus, le groupe belge. Ils veulent s’échapper des conventions et tentent tout, à tout prix. Leur inconfort est finalement la richesse de l’album.” Voilà ce que l’on disait il y a un an tout juste de Trupa Trupa. Le nouvel album confirme cette idée que l’on tient là une pépite. Dalej Recenzja Jolly New Songs – Etat-critique

WFMU / Mary Wing

Piosenka Leave it all zadebiutowała wczoraj w programie Mary Wing Give the Drummer Radio.

Recenzja Jolly New Songs – Trzy szóstki

„Moje pierwsze skojarzenie z Trupą Trupa to niepozorność. „Jolly New Songs” jest niezwykle ciche, nieofensywne, na swój sposób usypiające, ale poza tym mocno wciągające. Odczytuję to jako celebracje zdrowej i potrzebnej nudy – dźwięków nie rzucających się w oczy, które we właściwych rękach mogą wytworzyć ilustracyjne, psychodeliczne kompozycje o beatlesowej i noise rockowej manierze. To album oferujący wiele przyjemnych przeżyć i zarazem wymagający skupienia.”

Recenzja Jolly New Songs – Imperfect Fifth

„Polish alternative band Trupa Trupa – comprised of Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Tomek Pawluczuk, Wojtek Juchniewicz, and Rafał Wojczal – released an eleven track collection titled Jolly New Songs at the end of October. Packed with intense attitude and reverb for miles, the album’s sound will keep you captivated as it trudges through first track “Against Breaking Heart of a Breaking Heart Beauty” until the last fourth, when it enters into an even darker soundscape and really thrashes into “Coffin”, which enters into the light, indie pop realm with its sound. Dalej Recenzja Jolly New Songs – Imperfect Fifth